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Children's Hospital Seva In Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

Wishing to express her love to her Guru through service, a Sai sister from Frankfurt decided to volunteer once a week in the Clementine Children's Hospital, in a small rehabilitation ward where the children stay for post-operation recovery. Visits are focused mostly on children who are alone and without parents. Approval from caretakers had to be obtained for visits to take place. One to three children are visited every time. From time to time, other hospitals are also visited to support other volunteers, when needed. The children are entertained with board games, playing cards, playing with a ball and drawing; while for the heavily disabled children there is reading stories, singing or showing attention and love.


The aim of this service is to help children not feel lonely or scared; to make them feel that there is someone for them, paying attention to them and entertaining them. Caretakers and hospital staff are extremely thankful to the volunteers because they feel relieved when the children are being cared for with so much love and kindness. The children do not usually stay long in the hospital. The ones that stay longer are already familiar with regular volunteers and are very happy because there is always something new happening. Sometimes it is necessary to be prepared and come up with new creative ideas which would be interesting to a child, especially if they stay in the hospital for months at a time.  This communication with children is a kind of blessing as it helps a person open up and become more willing to communicate with others; to feel joy and love. It can be said that this type of service inspires and enriches both the children and the volunteers.

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