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Selfless Engagement – Vitalization of


What are the inner experiences of the young team in Munich when interacting with the seniors? Slowly there comes movement in the circle with singing, guessing game, seat- gymnastics and puzzles. It happens so easily and playfully.


In the sometimes, so neutral and apparently resigned facial expression, an unexpected smile flashes when the air-balloon flies between the senior and his/her game-partner. The partner's smile is returned automatically. Two lamps on a power line make it the temporary experience of unity in the heart, regardless of external circumstances.

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Especially, singing together in a group connects the hearts. The group feeling soon emerges, people calm down after the reactivating programme and slightly listen to the story read out loud. It is reminiscent of a family afternoon with familiar relatives. No, it IS their own family circle - perceptible through the encounter and feel joy with each other. It becomes clear that in truth, there are no family barriers.


Maybe someone remained motionless externally during the programme. But does one see what is happening inside? Often yes, but sometimes no. More happens in social contact than one can see or suspect.

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Good atmosphere, positive thoughts, emotions, words and intentions are vibrations that awaken the child in the senior, as one can often see in their eyes, in the facial expressions and body language, after the usual stagnancy has dissolved in the loving entertainment programme. For some, it may only last for seconds, for others minutes, for those who still remained mobile, perhaps during the entire programme!


Ah, something good happened! Does one feel the same way afterwards?

Then maybe, one also gained fresh experiences and insights during the Seva, which led from I to WE and then will lead from WE to HIM.

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