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The Key to the Heart

Feeding the Homeless, Seva in Munich

In December 2019, six members of the German youth made 100 lunch packs for the Munich homeless. The lunch packs were filled with a sandwich, chocolate bar, piece of fruit, drink, fruit bar and a small extra bag with Christmas sweets. Everything was systematically prepared and everyone had their tasks. The scene was a bit like that of a boat crew, singing together, happily rowing the boat forward, regardless of the effort. Usually one deals more with things in their own lives and may concentrate more on one's own duties and needs - on the “I”. Preparing the lunch bags and being there for others opened the doors between one‘s heart and the hearts of others - the doors to the "We". And apart from the good mood, everyone had a wonderful Satsang and was able to experience joy from within!

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Time went by much faster than expected, as it does when people are full of enthusiasm for what they do. Already, at the thought of the lunch packs being given to our dear sisters and brothers, the youth were filled with anticipation of serving selflessly to those in need. Everyone was benefitted by this, both the recipient and the giver. Something good had been done for everyone, and all were able to share this feeling, and unite in the spirit of love and service!


On a more recent occasion, during the epidemic in March 2020, the youth sought an opportunity to help others without risking infection. So, another aid organisation that is also engaged in feeding the homeless and the needy was consulted on the matter. The youth, in coordination with the aid organisation, collected the funds and sent only one person to buy some fruit and chocolate bars to bring to the organisation that was much better equipped to come in contact with those they were helping during the times of an epidemic. The people there were very pleased and grateful for the additional items to complete their lunch bags for the needy. There was again that feeling of joy in the air, and even jokes and laughs were had by everyone there. It was important to remind one another how necessary it is to think of those in need, in this hour of crisis.

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