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Seva in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Update on Feeding the Homeless

Sai sister from Frankfurt used to prepare only sandwiches and fruit, including pastries and juice boxes for the homeless. More than that was always a challenge due to difficulties in preparation and transportation. This year, however, Swami has expressed His wish to everyone, to share cooked food as a priority, if possible. After careful consideration about how to put that into action, the idea came to use tortillas. They can be easily filled with rice, cereals and various cooked vegetables, easily packed and are easy to eat. The choice of tortillas, because of these reasons, solved all the distribution issues and there was no problem afterwards. Something new was possible to be offered to the homeless and with Swami's Grace, the warm food helped with some of their many troubles. This idea inspired other Sai brothers and sisters in the youth group of Germany as well, to attempt the same with tortillas with a variety of cooked foods, because it is so convenient and nutritious. Swami truly inspired them with the same divine idea and united them with the same purpose.


On another occasion, inpiration came from an article in the newspaper showing youth who have been taken hold by drug addiction, living in the streets. Swami made a clear call from the heart to help these youth. Even though the places these youth frequent are not really popular or completely safe and people usually avoid them, our sister went there nonetheless and shared the prepared food with those youth as well.

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