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Service Projects in Germany

With Swami's Love and guidance, the German youth group is involved with several service projects.

  • The longest standing and the most regular service project is the visit to an old age home in Munich. The youth group there is very happy to spend time with the elders, walking in nature, singing and playing games. Devotees and non-devotees join to engage the elders and fill their time in various activities!

  • During Christmas time, the youth group in Munich prepares Christmas packets with food and cookies for the homeless and distributes them.

  • A Sai sister in Frankfurt, has started visiting children in hospitals. The children in the hospital wards are helped to feel less lonely and scared by the youth spending time with them, playing, drawing, singing and sometimes simply talking to them.

  • 'Feeding the homeless' service has been started in several cities on a regular basis.

  • A Sai sister in Freiburg is conducting 'Growing to be God' classes for girls between the ages of seven and eleven. She is teaching the children human values through various activities like drawing and playing, and has seen considerable improvement and progress as the classes continue!

  • Members of the youth group are involved in an online project, sharing stories about saints and every day acts of kindness on social networks.

  • The youth group has had a youth retreat in Atmaseva, a community service home run by Sai devotees. The youth helped with construction and gardening work during the retreat.

  • The youth group is also visiting a farm for abandoned animals once or twice a year, where help is needed with heavy bales of hay and chopping wood.

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