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Opportunities to Serve

By the constant guiding force of Swami, the youth have been engaged in various Seva activities and the following is a summary of the same over the past nine months:


  • Taking the elderly out for a walk outside, during the summer season. The seniors rarely come out to see nature and when they are taken for a walk, they rediscover the beauty of nature with their wonderful and satisfying expressions. Some are at first irritated, others overjoyed, some have a new inner experience through the external impressions which only becomes noticeable later. Such as, a lady who seemed very lifeless and motionless started singing after an hour. Unfortunately, there are too few caregivers for the elderly and Swami has given this great opportunity to serve them. A little bit of time with them brings so much happiness for them and for all the youth. 

  • Entertaining the elderly during the winter with games, puzzles, reading aloud, singing and talking. Baking Christmas-cookies and distributing them to homeless people.

  • Seva in an Animal Sanctuary: The head of the animal sanctuary farm gives the sick and injured animals a lot of time and does an incredible job. Occasionally a group comes to help. This time the young Sai group got the wonderful opportunity to help. It was very touching for them to see how these animals are seen and treated as part of the unit and with love. After work, the group sang Bhajans in the hayloft as a prayer for the animals. It was an unforgettable experience and the youth are grateful to the owner of the farm. 

  • ‘Growing to be God’, value-based education for child development: Swami has given a new project for children, for the development of human values. To establish and maintain the basic pillars of a well functioning, peaceful and harmonious society and for its continuity, as well as for the character of the individual, the realisation of human values is indispensable.  

  • Activity programme with a harmonium player: Once a month, the youth group leads a group of seniors with stories, movement-memory-reaction games, jokes, conversations and songs. Drinks and snacks are served.


Entertaining the elderly during the winter with games, puzzles, reading aloud, singing and talking


Elderly enjoying a nature walk


 ‘Growing to be God’, Value-based education for child development

Baking Christmas-cookies and distributing them to homeless people

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