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Germany Seva

The Sai Youth Germany group has been involved in several Seva activities in their respective towns and cities, by Swami’s guidance and Grace.


  • In Grafrath, the group continued their Narayana Seva, making 100 packages with fruit, sandwiches and sweets to distribute to the homeless in Munich twice a month, until it was restricted by the lockdown regulations. They also continued to support the feeding of children in Senegal where every Monday, 150 to 200 children are being served food. During the lockdown, a part of the group privately helped people with their health and psychological issues, while some were engaged in environmental Seva for plants and animals.

  • Members of the group from Frankfurt continued doing the ‘Feeding the Homeless’ Seva by distributing food in the streets twice a month. Until the lockdown regulations, they also visited hospitalised children regularly. They also participated in the 77-day, global Rudram chanting project.

  • Members of the community service home Atmaseva have been doing regular ‘Feeding the Homeless’ Seva and organised online learning of Nirvana Shatakam, as well as various Vedic and prayer sessions.

  • The Munich group was involved with Senior Care Home and feeding the homeless activities until the lockdown, when they had to stop due to restrictions.

  • Members of the group from Freiburg have been organising Bhajan singing circles once a week, in the last few months.

  • Some youth have been writing articles for German Sai Prakashana once a month, since February, 2020.

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