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The Beauty of Seva

It was a wonderful month indeed, as the Divine Avatar visited Greece and showered love and guidance on everyone. The youth continued their usual Seva activities up to the week that Swami arrived. 

Over the last month, a team of youth went to many houses where families are living below the poverty line in order to distribute boxes filled with love: dry food, cleaning products, basic household items and more. It was especially interesting because this time several new youth members joined. For them, it was an eye-opening experience: their hearts were touched by the warmth with which the families welcomed the team and they experienced the fulfillment of giving and helping. 

Furthermore, as far as the radio station is concerned, the youth have decided to ‘re-start’ the project. They will create a primarily music-based station with a lot of alternative-type music: mantras, hymns, relaxing music, and more. The idea is to reach out to many youth in this way, given that young people spend hours each week listening to music. The second step will be to begin adding hour-long programs, which require more time and support to create.

Finally, the youth served approximately 3,000 meals during Narayana Seva to homeless people scattered around the Piraeus port and in several areas of western Athens. The beauty of this Seva is that it serves as a practical means for new youth to join in. During the Divine visit, the remaining food from the buffet each day (which had been blessed by Swami) was lovingly packed and distributed to the homeless people so that they also receive the Divine blessings. They were very grateful and satisfied by the variety of the food served and this was a gift for them during the Easter holidays. 

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