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45 Days of Commemorating, Chanting and Distributing Love

Summary of the youth Seva over the last 45 days:

  • Vibrant event at Nectar of Love commemorating 70 years since the death of Mahatma Gandhi.

  • Published a small book on the life and human values that Mahatma Gandhi spread around the world.

  • Bought, packaged and distributed 35 boxes filled with dry food, cleaning products and other basic household goods to families in need

  • Began weekly classes of Vedas & Mantras on Wednesdays before Narayana Seva for new members interested in learning the Vedas.

  • Began contacting companies for donations of food and other goods

  • Cooked, packaged and distributed food (Narayana Seva) to approx. 4,000 people

  • New updates to the website ; available in English

  • Youth translated and published Divine Booklets of UK (2015), Italy (2015), Brazil (2017), Spain (2016) and Russia (2017).

The last 45 days were filled with many new activities and were quite interesting. One of the highlights was an event commemorating 70 years since the death of Mahatma Gandhi. The event began with a presentation of a small book published by the elders in the group, which contained the essence of the Mahatma’s beliefs and human values. Thereafter, Gandhi’s life was analyzed; not as much as an important and impactful leader of India, but mainly as a seeker of truth. This revealed many beautiful gems which inspired everyone. 

There was a beautiful energy throughout the gathering and the event concluded with an inspiring short documentary on his life.  


Following this, the youth continued purchasing, packaging and distributing boxes filled with food and other basic daily items to families living below the poverty line (due to the economic crisis). Many of these families have chronic diseases, no electricity, are unable to buy medicine, and have no one to help or take care of them. It was very important for the youth to be accepted and welcomed into their homes by the distressed families, allowing the youth to see and listen to their difficulties and problems first-hand. The youth feel that spending time, encouraging and giving the families attention is an important part of the process and that it is not just about distributing an ever-increasing number of boxes to more and more families. Consequently, there is a relationship of trust being built up: the families often call up to thank the volunteers and inform them of other basic needs (such as medicine) they lack.  Nectar of Love has started receiving donations from companies and individual donors, enabling this activity to continue and expand.


Finally, over the last three weeks, the youth at Nectar of Love began classes for those interested in learning various Vedas, Mantras and Hymns. The outcome so far has been very positive, with people asking for the classes to be held on a weekly basis. The aim is to strengthen the volunteers spiritually through this Sadhana which includes mantras, meditation and more.  

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