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Divine Music at Nectar of Love

Last month began with a Divine music concert at Nectar of Love (the Seva centre in Greece, set up by the youth and elders). On April 23, 2018, over 80 people gathered at the centre to attend a soul-stirring performance by ten musicians, including Rajesh on mandolin and Praveen on the tabla. It was a night to remember; from instrumental Bhajans to songs written by music legends, the performers conferred bliss on everyone. People were so satisfied that they did not want the concert to end and twice they asked the musicians to continue playing more. Truly, it was food for the soul. The audience applauded the musicians again and again; leaving with smiles on their faces and happiness in their hearts. The youth also prepared and handed out pamphlets summarizing the service being done at the Nectar of Love Seva centre. The concert can be watched here:

Furthermore, this month, the youth in Greece visited 60 families in need and distributed boxes filled with dry food, olive oil, cleaning products, basic household items and more. It was very touching to see women break down and weep, describing the various problems that they are facing. Aside from financial difficulties, the problems range from serious diseases, health issues, divorces, early pregnancies, broken families and much more. With tears in their eyes, they thanked the team for coming and giving them hope. This was a strong reminder to the youth of how important it is to continue giving and serving, to alleviate as much as possible the suffering of those who are struggling the most.

In addition, the youth in Cyprus met every week to distribute cooked food and bread to over 200 people who have been suffering from poverty for the last four years (since the 2013 bank crisis). During the period of orthodox Easter, the youth provided the following goods to families in need: food, chocolates, biscuits, juices, soup and dry food. They also distributed items necessary for personal hygiene, such as toothpaste, hand wipes and baby pampers. Finally, the youth surprised the young children in need by giving them candles to celebrate Easter!

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