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Blood donations, Boxes of Love,

Delicious Greek ‘Fava’ and More

Another blessed month of service began with the youth in Greece delivering boxes filled with dry foods, cleaning products and household items to families in need. The team gave special emphasis on sitting and spending time with each of the families, genuinely showing interest and care towards them. This is what gives quality to the Seva and differentiates it from providing mere quantity. The youth consider that it is better to serve fewer families in this way, rather than more families without being able to spend any time with them. The families were equally receptive to this compassionate attitude. At almost every house, the youth received fresh fruits and flowers cut from their trees or gardens, along with good wishes in abundance! The team left with more than they came with! Furthermore, it is worth mentioning how touching their words are; in spite of the fact that the donations are small when compared to the magnitude of their problems. They tell the team that, “What for you seems like a small act, is for us a very important act” or “From the very beginning of the month we begin to worry about how we will survive until the end of the month; until we hear the news about the arrival of your boxes full of goods.”

The month continued with Narayana Seva – serving food to homeless, hungry people scattered around Athens. The highlight of the month perhaps was when the youth tried out a new recipe – Greek fava. Those who have come to Greece may know just how delicious good fava is. And the youth ‘chefs’ did a great job preparing fava and rice for 250 people. The result? The recipients kept asking for more! Unfortunately, in their life, they are not used to receiving fava – a ‘gourmet’ dish. It was well worth the extra effort….

On the other hand, the youth of Cyprus kept busy being engaged in various forms of service. Along with other organizations, they got together and organized a blood donation in which many people participated willingly. The young devotees also prepared and distributed boxes consisting of flour, rice, oil, pasta, canned milk and sugar to families suffering from poverty, and served over 800 meals to Cypriots in desperate need. Finally, they also donated clothing twice a week to families in need.

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