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Bees are coming for the Nectar...

It was generally a very positive month at the Nectar of Love Seva Centre; more and more new youth have started taking part in the service activities. This has been a great joy for the core team of Sai youth to witness that the mission is expanding and new youth are being given a chance to experience the path of love and service. Through Bhagawan’s Grace, the youth feel that there is a warm and friendly, family atmosphere present at the centre during the Seva activities. Coming to Swami’s centre in Greece, one feels that Seva is a joy and not something compulsory or a burden. Since its inauguration over a year ago, keeping the centre running and consistently maintaining all the service activities has not always been easy, but through Swami’s Grace, things are becoming easier and the road is definitely opening up.​

A core part of the youth Seva is translation, and last month was a month of hard work and celebrations for the translation team: through Swami’s Grace, both the Greek version of “The Story Divine” by Madhusudan Naidu, as well as the “Uvacha Series 3” were published. Great efforts and endless work hours were necessary to make all the corrections and complete them before Guru Poornima. Now both books are on their way to be blessed and offered at the Divine Lotus Feet.

Inspired by Bhagawan’s teachings, the youth in Cyprus undertook various forms of Seva over the last month. They distributed clothing and 200 meals of vegetables, pasta, rice and bread each week to families in need. Furthermore, they also helped raise funds for a non-profit organization that provides food, clothing and psychological support to impoverished Cypriot families as well as immigrants. Finally, the team gathered up and refurbished a house for a downtrodden and impoverished household.

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