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Seva Activities In Greece

The Greek group continues to support the homeless every week, distributing 250 packets of sandwiches, fruits, sweets and fruit juices. Youth and elders are working in unison, full of joy and love, cherishing the opportunity given to them by Bhagawan to help the less fortunate. After the preparation of the packets, there is time for meditation and discussion for further Seva projects.


Additionally, every month, the team distributes 70 boxes to families facing health and financial problems. Each month, the boxes contain products that are deemed useful for the family and for household purposes. These include personal hygiene products, household cleaning products and food supplies with a long shelf life. The team is trying to alternate each month, to meet different needs; as would be done in any household.


The Greek devotees also organized a children’s party for some 30 abandoned and mistreated children between the ages of 4 and 12 years who are accommodated in Saint Andrew’s Children’s Home. The event took place at a facility by the sea, where the children had a dinner party complete with children’s favorite foods and sweets, such as pizza and ice cream. They danced and played on the beach for hours on end. The young volunteers offered the children gifts of new shoes, t-shirts, biscuits and sweets. When the party ended at sunset, all the faces were lit up with joy and the devotees’ hearts were full of happiness. As the sun was setting, a day that they had lived for others was coming to an end and love filled all hearts, young and old alike!



A number of volunteers also supported a disabled adults’ institution, the “Good Samaritan”, by offering them wheelchairs, a wheelchair crane and toys for special needs. Furthermore, the group helped poor families, in deprived areas, by providing them with food supplies, electrical appliances and educational books for their children.

The ‘Growing to be God’ team continued with the book translations’ project. A team of five devotees whom He chose, is working on the Guru Vikas programme, and so far volumes One, Two, Three and Four have been translated and published!

After Swami’s guidance, the lessons for ‘Growing to be God’ is delivered twice a month. This month, as a hands on practice of their lesson to love, respect and protect the environment; the children who took part in the programme, planted, watered and looked after 20 young trees on a hill close to the Seva place.

The Greek Translation Team have presented ‘SSS UVACHA Volume Five’ at His lotus feet during Gurupurnima celebrations 2019 in Muddenahalli. With His grace, they have also translated and published online the first three chapters of ‘From the Heart’ and are currently editing chapters four and five, to be promptly published, too! Filled with Bhagawan’s divine energy, the team has currently completed the draft translation of SSS UVACHA Volume Six and is proceeding to review the book in order to be presented to Him in time for His upcoming Birthday. Also, the team is looking after the Greek Sai Prakashana website, updating it with translated Greek booklets from His divine visits across the globe, including His visit to Greece in April 2019.


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