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Service during Lockdown in Greece

From March to May 2020, during times of lockdown due to coronavirus, the Greek devotees increased the number of visits to the homeless people at the port of Pireaus to three times/week, serving a total of 2,000 portions of food in two months. Sometimes the devotees cooked pasta at home and delivered it to the homeless. They also discovered that serving them small pizzas made the homeless particularly happy. In June, they served the same small pizzas to two children’s homes, along with milk and medicine for about 100 children. At the same time, the youth kept providing approximately 70 poor families with essential commodities on a monthly basis.

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During the lockdown, they found out that the Old People's Home in Athens that housed approximately 150 elderly people was facing an emergency. They were running out of supplies. Some devotees acted immediately, contacting a number of Greek companies, ranging from food and hygiene products to heating petrol. The companies responded eagerly and on the very next day, the managers of the Home called to express their gratitude. They had received so many supplies "that would last them for two years" as they said! The youth were extremely happy that, by Swami's grace, these poor people received some relief during these troublesome times of coronavirus.

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