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Seva in Greece October 2020

This month, the Greek youth started a new Seva activity in collaboration with two bakeries in the centre of Athens. From Monday to Saturday, the Greek devotees go to the bakeries at their closing time in the afternoon and take whatever products remain unsold; which are typical savoury or sweet Greek snacks called 'koulouri' and then deliver them to several institutions, such as orphanages, old people's homes, day-care units for poor families and church organisations who feed the homeless. This is a Seva that requires a lot of dedication and coordination among the devotees, as it takes place daily at standard work times.

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The Greek youth also expressed their love through providing several institutions with what they needed:

  • Food boxes to an institution for children with mental disabilities and to an orphanage

  • 150 pieces of underwear to the Association for the Protection of Minors

  • Fixed lower prices of electricity bills for the same Association

  • 20 pizzas will be delivered on a monthly basis to an institution for children with disabilities

  • Many special toys to an institution for children with autism

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Seva in Flood Areas



In mid-September, a serious wave of bad weather afflicted many regions in Greece, and the strong winds and heavy rains destroyed many homes and villages, costing the lives of three people. One of the most afflicted areas was the town of Karditsa. With most parts of the city flooded and no electricity, finding food was a huge task for the locals for several days. Following the initiative of Greek youth who mobilised an association of Greek companies, large quantities of food and other necessities were sent to this region: 500 kg beans, 500 kg rice, 854 kg pasta, 144 boxes of tomato sauce, 60 big boxes of biscuits, 1,125 kg flour, cheese products, juices and refreshments, milk, sanitary products and more.


Finally, just like they do every month, the Greek youth distributed 80 boxes of necessities to the poor families of Anavyssos, an area which was sadly afflicted by fire, just a few weeks ago. 

karditsa floods.jpg
Anavyssos fires.jpg
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