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Seva in Greece November 2020

  • The Greek Seva group has enthusiastically embraced the daily Seva of picking up remaining bakery products and sweets at closing time of two bakeries in Athens and then distributing them to different institutions that serve poor children and families, homeless or elderly people. Each day of the week, a different member of the group distributes 5 - 10 boxes of these delicacies to a different institution, according to a schedule. 

  • Inspired by this idea, one volunteer is picking up more than 100 sandwiches and other remaining bakery items every Friday night and delivering them the next morning to the social kitchen 'Allos Anthropos' which then distributes them to the poor and homeless people of Athens.

  • The Greek devotees have also provided an institution with pizzas, milk, breakfast and other food items for more than 50 families with poor children.

  • Two wheel-chairs have been found and donated to a nursing home in the South suburbs of Athens.

  • Everybody loves pizza, especially children! Greek devotees have offered dozens of pizzas to two institutions: one with disabled children and one with orphans.

  • 40 masks have been donated to the above-mentioned institution of orphans.

  • 500 bottles of antiseptic gel have been donated to the schools of one municipality in the South of Athens.

Bakery items for social kitchen (weekly)
Bakery items for social kitchen (weekly)
Bakery items (daily seva) 2.jpeg
Bakery items (daily seva).jpeg
Boxes of daily seva.jpeg
Bakery items for social kitchen (weekly)
pizzas and milk at institution for poor
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