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Sharing Is Joy

Μοιράζομαι (Sharing with Others Foundation)

The youth in Greece have been very actively engaged in service during the last one and a half months, supporting numerous institutions, organisations and municipalities in many ways. 

The community kitchen ‘Allos Anthropos’ (The Other Human) was provided with 400 kgs of supplies which included legumes, rice, olive oil and tomato sauce. They were also provided with home-cooked spinach pies and bakery items weekly. Six kilograms of christmas cookies were baked and delivered on Christmas eve. 

Two municipalities near Athens were provided with 1,000 kgs of christmas cookies and honey cookies, and 600 kgs of rice and legumes. An elderly home in Athens was provided with dairy products and food items.

All the schools under one of the municipalities near Athens was provided with 500 bottles (250 ml each) of antibacterial hand gel. 80 new sets of chairs and desks for students were given to a school, along with two laptops and two tablets for the school. 

For Christmas, the residents of EGNYA, a charitable organisation that provides living, training and support for people with mental disabilities, were given Christmas presents. 30 vegetarian pizzas are provided every month to the residents of this charitable organisation. 80 families are provided with monthly household supplies. Extending help for needy children for their school tuition fees and also helping them with their studies is being done regularly. 

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