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Seva Through Collaboration

The youth and the devotees of Greece contributed their part of seva by supporting an organisation - 'The Other Human' with large quantities of food items. 'The Other Human' is an organisation which provides 1,000-1,500 meals for the poor and the needy, every single day. The contribution included 400 packets of pasta, 100 kgs of chickpeas, 100 kgs of rice, 50 kgs of beans, 50 kgs of lentils, 100 kgs of olive oil, 70 kgs tomato sauce. Every Saturday, Greek devotees have been delivering the leftover sandwiches and other food items from a bakery, to the 'The Other Human' organization.

The Greek youth took part in several other service activities by helping the 'Support Center for Children and Family', an organization which helps children from poor backgrounds on the fields of education, nutrition and health by providing them with big quantities of rice, beans, lentils, pasteurized milk, shampoo, soap, women's hygiene products, and notebooks. The Youth have also been providing support with mathematics and physics to the children of the 'Support Center of Children and Family' who go to school, but need help with their studies.

Like every month, about 80 boxes of food items and other household necessities, such as cleaning materials, were distributed to poor families of Anavyssos, located outside Athens.

35 pizzas have been distributed twice a month to the disabled children of St. Andreas Institute. The children and youth are always delighted by the tasty pizzas!

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Food for 'The Other Human' 4.jpeg
Food for 'The Other Human' 2.jpeg
Food for the Support Center of Children
Food for the Support Center of Children
Food for the Support Center of Children
Weekly bakery items for 'The Other Human
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