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Seva Through Collaboration

Meals and Grocery Distribution


In the month of February, the youth contributed total of 530 kg of rice, beans, lentils, pasta, 100 litres of olive oil and 70 kgs of tomato puree to the social kitchen - 'The Other Human'. The kitchen was able to make over 4,000 meals which then was distributed to the needy.


In addition to that, 80 breakfasts were provided to the same kitchen, on a weekly basis. 400 litres of milk and 200 kgs were also provided to a Social Municipal Service at Athens.


About 40 pizza meals were also give during the month of February in collaboration with a home for children with special needs. 150 kgs of Greek feta cheese were sent to an elderly home at Athens.


Tuition Classes


A new seva which began last December is being continued in full gusto by the enthusiastic youth of Greece, where free assistance in Math, Physics and other subjects are provided to school children from impoverished families through the Support Center of Children and Family in Athens almost three to four days a week.

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