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Inauguration of Greek programme on Sanathana Vani and Other Seva!

This year’s Guru Poornima on July 9, 2017 was an important day for the Sai youth of Greece, as the Lord Himself inaugurated the Greek programme, "Eternal Voice: Reviving Our Roots", on Santhana Vani.  The youth had worked hard to prepare over the last few months, and on the inauguration day, they presented the promo video along with a short description of the programme. The programme will broadcast live every Monday at 7:30pm and repeat on Thursdays at 8:30pm Greek time.

The essence of the Greek programme, is transformation. The vision and goal is to give guidance in life mainly for young Greeks (apart from devotees), helping them to transform and make changes for the better. The content will consist mainly of interviews, discussions and music, all of which will be aimed at this goal. The interviewees will consist of people from all fields of society who will share any experience that may help others to begin inquiring about themselves and their life, and assist their spiritual growth.  Every day, youth are exposed to a vast quantity of media (through banners, radio and TV) – but how much of this content is helping them make positive changes? This programme aims to serve as a breath of fresh air to its listeners amidst their busy lives, with both entertaining, but also useful content.

To achieve these goals, the Sai youth dedicated two rooms in their newly built Seva centre to set up a studio. The first is the recording room where the guests are invited to speak and share experiences (shown left below), and the second room is where the sound engineer records and monitors the interview in real time (shown right below). The youth worked with professional audio engineers for several months in order to set up the studio, learn how to use the studio console and other devices, and to learn to achieve high quality audio recordings. It was not a simple process, but as with every beginning, there are obstacles to overcome.

Bhagawan has said that Sanathana Vani will become the largest international radio, and that it will broadcast conferences with world leaders in the fields of science, politics, the environment, education, social welfare, and much more. The Greek Sai youth feel very grateful to have been given the opportunity to serve in such an important initiative, and make a positive impact on society.

Aside from the radio, through Bhagawan’s Grace, this month:

  • 3,000 meals were served to the homeless and the hungry, and new places were found to begin serving people in need.

  • The number of youth attending Narayana Seva grew to 25-30 people

  • The Divine Booklet Bhagawan’s of visit to Greece was prepared and released by the youth in both English and Greek.

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