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Greece Seva

In Greece, the devotees started this year with increased efforts.


  • They managed to prepare up to 700 food packets each week, which were delivered to the homeless people at Pireaus Harbor and also to the residents of a few other old people's and children's homes. They did their best to cover the needs of the homeless in clothing, blankets, shoes, and so on. The group continued to provide large boxes of food and other home necessities to approximately 70 poor families. On several occasions the group provided support to two children's homes and even organised some beach parties for those children. On another occasion the group organised a musical programme in the Old People's Home of Athens.

  • During the coronavirus outbreak and the consecutive lock-down, the team found a way to keep delivering food three times a week to about 100 homeless people of Pireaus. Many times, the group managed to provide pizza to the homeless, which made them really happy! When the Old People's Home of Athens called for help, as they were lacking many basic commodities and food supplies, the team responded promptly and managed to secure the constant support of many Greek companies, so that the residents of the Home will never have to worry about food again!

  • In parallel, members of the group have been supporting a very important organisation, called 'Allos Anthropos' that feeds the poor.

  • Members of the youth group have also supported a child's brain surgery, as well as a family which could not afford paying electricity bills.

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