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Youth Activities In India April 2018

Educative-cum-Fun Summer Camp for Children

from Nekarnagar Slum in Hubbali

During summer holidays, the children from the slum area in Nekarnagar are being served with Annapoorna's heavy breakfast on Sundays to overcome the absence of their school midday meals. The Annapoorna team from #Hubbali sprang into action to convert a part of the children's holidays into a 6-day long educative and fun summer camp in mid-April.

The summer camp for the little angels had a lot of fun elements with a variety of indoor and outdoor games. The children also learned skills and had fun with memory games. Videos were shown to emphasise the importance of human values. Drawing, elocution and other competitions were held. Health and hygiene sessions were conducted to drive home the message of cleanliness. The children in the slum area were asked to clean and decorate their houses, and all the houses were visited and evaluated, thereby ensuring that they put cleanliness to practice.

The children were served daily with breakfast, and were given prizes and gifts to mark the end of a fun-filled summer camp!

A 10-Day Grand Summer Camp for

Doddabele Village Children

Happiness that one receives in making others happy, alone is permanent and cherished! The Doddabele Annapoorna team, which has been conducting summer camps every year at Doddabele village (off Mysore Road in Bengaluru), planned one this year as well - a top-notch 10-day long camp filled with unlimited fun and learning!

The children were trained in a variety of activities such as memory development through games such as jumbles, story-telling, talent show, painting, quizzes and so on. Their creativity was honed further by tasks such as story completion, image captioning, video shows, dumb charades, and such. In order to strengthen human values in them, videos of great personalities were shown and activities were conducted to drive the message of Truth, Teamwork, Cleanliness, Righteousness and Love. The children were also taught to develop self-confidence, positive thinking and to never break promises. Every day of the camp started with an activity called 'Rain Meditation' that the children loved.

The children were in for a lot more surprises. A professional story-teller cum TEDx speaker was invited, who caught the imagination of the children with her wonderful narration. Towards the last leg of the camp, the children were taken on field trips to Visvesvaraya Science Museum and Nehru Planetarium. On the final day, the children performed a skit, beautifully depicting the value of human life. A lot of prizes along with hygiene kits were distributed to the children.

At the end of the camp, there was one key learning for all - Selfless Love can make anything and everything happen!

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