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Yelburga – Koppal District, Karnataka

June 3, 2020: Distribution of 5,000 Grocery Kits to Needy Families by the Hon. ex-CM, Siddaramaiah

Hon. Ex-Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, in the presence of ex-minister Basavaraja Rayareddy, the trustees of Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust Mr. Anand Kumar Kadali and Mr. Jayaprakash, National Manager of the Trust, Mr. Santosh Allath and Regional Manager Mr. Kiran, distributed 5,000 grocery kits to needy people of the region in an event organised in the old Panchayat ground, Yelburga. 

The relief kit comprised of 2 kgs of rice, 2 kgs of rava, 2 kgs of wheat flour, 1 kg of sugar, 1 kg of salt and 1 kg of chana dal (lentils).


Gurumatkal – Yadgir, Karnataka

May 30, 2020: Children with Malnutrition in Gurumatkal – Yadgir, Karnataka were Provided with SaiSure Health Mix.

Children with malnutrition in Gurumatkal in Yadgir, Karnataka were provided with SaiSure health mix, a scientifically designed health mix powder providing vital nutrients and micro nutrients.

For more details on SaiSure, please visit


Yadgir, Karnataka

May 28, 2020: 250 Children with Acute Malnutrition in Yadgir, Karnataka were Provided with SaiSure Health Mix.

SaiSure is a scientifically designed health mix providing vital nutrients and micro nutrients acting as a wholesome meal in itself.

For more details on SaiSure, please visit


JP Nagar – Bengaluru, Karnataka

May 24, 2020: Grocery Kits for Essential Service Providers in Bengaluru.

One Nation Youth team in collaboration with Annapoorna handed out ration kits, as a part of COVID-19 relief, to essential service providers such as pourakarmikas (people who clear garbage), newspaper boys, milkmen as well as some needy families in areas such as JP Nagar and Mini Forest in Bengaluru. BBMP (Municipal Corporation) Health Inspector and JP Nagar Police Inspector were present during the distribution.


Hubli, Karnataka

May 19, 2020: Food Relief Kits Distributed to 60 Needy Families in Hubli

The Annapoorna team in Hubli packed 60 food relief kits with daily essentials. These Food Relief Kits were distributed to 60 needy families in the areas of Ramnagar, Ganeshpet, Nagashettykoppa, Girnichal, Joladoni, Gauli Galli and many more.


Ramamurthy Nagar – Bengaluru, Karnataka


May 13, 2020: Relief Kits for Eight Needy Families in Ramamurthy Nagar

Annapoorna volunteers in Ramamurthy Nagar identified eight needy families in Ramamurthy Nagar, Bengaluru who were unable to earn a livelihood under the lockdown. They distributed food relief kits to those eight needy families.


Mandya, Karnataka

May 9, 2020: Relief Kits for 25 Needy Families in Mandya

Annapoorna volunteers in Mandya identified 25 needy families who were unable to earn a livelihood under the extended COVID-19 lockdown. They distributed food relief kits to those 25 needy families.

The relief kits contained 5 kgs rice, 1 kg  tur dal, 1 litre oil, half kg sugar, 1 kg  wheat, 250 gms groundnuts, 100 gms  turmeric, 100 gms chilli powder,

100 gms tamarind and 1 kg rava.


Kolar, Karnataka

May 6, 2020: Relief Kits Distribution to 2,000 Needy Families

in Kolar

Annapoorna volunteers provided support to 2,000 needy

families in Kolar with relief kits containing monthly groceries.

This initiative was with the support of Prashanthi Bala Mandira Trust.

The Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Kolar Gold

Fields Smt. Roopa Kala Shashidhar was present along with

other Government officials during the distribution. 

The groceries that would last a month, comprised of rice, toor dal,

oil, pulses along with other items.

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