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Achievements Of Aarogya Vahini Trust

Month Of June 2020

The Aarogya Vahini Team, with its humble offerings, has tried to reach the cyclone affected areas to help those who are struggling to make both ends meet.

  • CHUNAKHALI, June 8, 2020 – The Aarogya Vahini Team initiated two community kitchens for serving cooked food twice a day to 600 villagers. In addition to the kitchen, dry rations and milk were offered to three coastal Adivasi villages of Ganghadaharpara, Janapara and Adivasipara. Pure drinking water was distributed to the communities across broken, man-made dams. Tarpaulins were supplied to the people without huts. A medical camp was conducted for the people who were suffering from various health issues due to the cyclone. Around 50 patients were consulted while maintaining all the protocols of COVID-19 precautions. Medicines were distributed according to the prescriptions, totally free of cost. The team also conducted a survey to assess the medical needs of the area so as to conduct more medical camps in the coming days.

  • KAKDWIP, June 13, 2020 – Aarogya Vahini Team in collaboration with Annapoorna Team offered 500 kg of rice, 200 kg of potatoes, 50 kg of dal, 50 kg of soya chunks and 50 litres of cooking oil to the Gouri Math kitchen at Kakdwip to serve people who have been affected by the cyclone.

  • HASNABAD, June 19, 2020 – Aarogya Vahini Team reached out to Hasnabad and distributed dry rations to the people who are facing hunger due to the cyclone and COVID-19 crises.

  • KALIARA, June 20, 2020 – A medical camp was conducted at Kaliara, a remote village in the district of Hoogly. As many as 29 patients were screened for Hypertension and Diabetes and consulted for all general symptoms. Medicines were distributed to all the patients according to their prescriptions, totally free of cost. Along with medicines, sanitisers and masks were also distributed to the rural people. Sanitary napkins were distributed to rural women.

  • KALIDASPUR, GOSABA, June 21, 2020 – The Arogya Vahini Team reached the remotest belts of the coastal periphery, Kalidaspur, after travelling three and a half hours by boat. They offered rations for 100 families which included rice, dal, soya bean, milk and mustard oil. The team, in awareness of health and hygiene during current times, distributed masks, sanitisers and sanitary napkins for the rural women. Tarpaulins were offered to a few with huts that had been blown away by the cyclone.

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