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Service Updates of

Annapoorna In  India

The first five months of 2020 can be broken into two phases from Annapoorna, India’s service updates point of view; namely pre-COVID and post-COVID. The pre-COVID phase between January and March 2020, saw a significant expansion in Seva opportunities across the country. With Bhagawan’s Infinite Grace, Annapoorna made strong strides in its flagship breakfast programme and has currently doubled its reach to more than 500,000 needy school going children across more than 6,000 centres, spanning 17 states and three Union Territories. Also, this period saw Annapoorna work in tandem with government and corporate players. Annapoorna also used its presence in needy villages to expand its footprint to bring about rural uplift through several other projects including building more reverse osmosis (RO) plants. Annapoorna has gone on to drive a series of CSR initiatives with top MNCs, such as Oracle, First American (India) and the like. These drives have helped fill gaps in providing health kits and education, engaging the village children with multiple mental and physical activities and so on.


The post-COVID phase, roughly the second quarter of the year from the end of March all the way to the current day, has seen huge distress across countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With our beloved Swami’s Divine Guidance and Blessings, the Annapoorna team sprang into action by reaching out to needy people, with a strong emphasis on first helping the unreached families. The team, with due diligence, has provided over 20,000 grocery kits to as many families across more than nine states and two union territories. The Annapoorna Newsletter, published every week, carries details of relief activities carried out. The detailed updates are also available at:

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