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IRDP Successful launch at Nagarjuna College

The launch session of the Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP) went through in an excellent manner on September 6, 2017. The IRDP is a joint collaboration with Annapoorna and Nagarjuna College of Engineering and Technolog (NCET).

Both the Nagarjuna faculty and the Annapoorna volunteers addressed the Engineering students of the third semester, provided context on the overall Annapoorna Programme, and gave an outline of the course syllabus and what is expected of students to successfully complete this one credit hour course. 

The Annapoorna team was overwhelmed by the positive support received from the Nagarjuna management and their progessive and like-minded way of thinking about this new joint collaboration. Both sides expressed full commitment to the success of this course, and have also increased possibility of increased scope of the collaboration, based on how the current course works out. Many other details were provided to the students on the course during the day. 

Overall, a fantastic and productive day, with Bhagawan's divine grace only. It is hoped that such collaborations will become more and more, and are executed effectively by the Annapoorna team.

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