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The Native Village of Dill Raj


This village is one of the Model Villages in Telangana State.
The Village has 


1. UGD facility 
2. Purified water plant and their own business model. (the profit generated is shared among the investors)
3. A large Venkateshwara Swami temple which was built by Village people
4. Voting rate of 97 percent and above
5. No political posters in the village 
6. Politicians cannot campaign…all the parties are given a date to come to the village where the village people ask what they want for the village during that term.
7. All the festivals are celebrated in a traditional way where all the people will gather at one place to celebrate.

Here is the video of the recent dance drama presented by the Annapoorna Children of Dodbelle and Vinayak Nagar villages (off Mysore road, Bangalore). This dance drama shares the insights on why breakfast is the most important meal for a growing child, the various challenges faced by parents who couldn't get this morning meal served for their children and how this Seva, which was started in July 2012 by a few volunteers, has now grown into a people's movement serving breakfast to over 100,000 children every day.

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