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Annapoorna Breakfast Programme

Continues Expansion in Telangana

March 29, 2018

Annapoorna's free daily breakfast programme for needy school children continued to expand in Telangana, with the launch of breakfast service at one more school located in Jalalpur village, Nizamabad district.  About 260 children studying in the school received vegetable upma on the inaugural day of the programme.

Annapoorna’s New Centre at

Ambattur in Chennai

March 27, 2018

Annapoorna has started serving breakfast to 425 children in Thiruvengadam Nagar Educational Society School in Ambattur, Chennai which is a Rotary-aided school.  Join hands in serving the children until no child goes to school hungry ever!

Annapoorna's Clean Drinking Water Drive

March 22, 2018

Annapoorna, apart from serving the regular nutritious breakfast to rural school children, also helps the villages with other essential needs, of which providing the villagers with free clean drinking water is a basic need.


After learning that the various villages' water was infested with high fluoride content, inorganic minerals (making the water hard) and such, Annapoorna decided to help the villages with clean drinking water. So far, 12 villages have been installed with reverse osmosis plants to provide each family with 20 litres of clean safe drinking water daily, thereby helping around 20,000 villagers. Thus far, about ten other villages' schools have been provided with water filters to ensure clean drinking water for the school children. A recent media report mentions that around 76 million Indian villagers do not have access to clean drinking water. Thus, the road ahead has a lot of distance to cover. 

Annapoorna in Hubbali

Thanks to the prompt help and guidance from the BEO, Annapoorna will be starting its flagship breakfast programme in Government School No 6 in Hubbali.

Colours of Life

March 2, 2018

It is the Festival of Colours! A festival that children love and look forward to! And, Annapoorna volunteers from JP Nagar in Bengaluru took this opportunity to celebrate and make the day memorable for children. Fifteen employees from Oracle, despite being on a working day, surprised the 50 Annapoorna children in the morning with Holi colours. After a sumptuous Annapoorna breakfast, the children jumped and played in excitement with the organic colours, making everyone's day literally colourful!

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