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Annapoorna Breakfast Launch in Hubbali Government School!

The Hubbali Annapoorna team recently reached out to the Hubbali Block Education Officer who graciously permitted the team to commence the breakfast programme to fit the academic year.


The team started serving breakfast to 120 children in the Government School No. 6 in Janata Bazaar in Hubbali in the state of Karnataka from Monday, June 25, 2018. The children relished the Upma served on the first day!

Joint Efforts in Providing Uniform and School Bags for Sengalipuram Village Children

The Panchayat Union Primary School in Sengalipuram Village in Thiruvarur District in Tamil Nadu State that receives Annapoorna breakfast, recently saw a wonderful blend of efforts from villagers, other groups, and Annapoorna that led to the distribution of new uniforms and school bags for the 130 children studying there. Apart from this, the united efforts of various people involved, also helped the school with necessities such as cupboards, fans and so on. Annapoorna has been serving the school children with biscuits daily, and the strength of the school is seen to have improved!

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