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Annapoorna’s Breakfast

A Boost for School Attendance

The Annapoorna Breakfast Seva chapter in Noida was launched on July 5, 2018 at the Hoshiarpur Government School in Sector 51, Noida, in two adjacent schools. One is a Primary School with 600 students and the other is a Middle School for classes 6 - 8 with 300 children. They are beneficiaries of the breakfast programme.

When the breakfast programme was launched, the average daily strength was noted to be about 350 - 400 students across the two schools. However, with the breakfast programme being done consistently, the average daily strength leaped to 450 - 500 students. As of now, bananas on Thursdays and biscuits on Saturdays are being served to the children. The overall programme has been selflessly supported by more than 20 volunteers.

The teachers have remarked that the average strength during these two days is especially high. About 50% of the children do not have breakfast at their homes since most of the children’s parents are either maids, drivers, vegetable sellers, helpers and so on, who are unable to support a meal for breakfast.

Another aspect of the Annapoorna breakfast programme that the children look forward to, is that various volunteers engage with the primary children in fun sessions on Thursdays.

A differently challenged boy, Rinku, deserves a special mention here. He is usually seen with the Middle School group, and is a bundle of Love. He always wears a smile and showers love on one and all with his special love-filled hugs!

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