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Class Tenth Students Love for Annapoorna Breakfast Children

The students of Class Tenth CBSE belonging to the Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Kendra in Muddenahalli displayed their magnanimity by showering their Love on needy school children in the neighboring village in the form of goodies.

Annapoorna serves daily breakfast to the Government High School in Nandi village, situated at the Foothills of the famous Nandi Hills. Using this opportunity, the above mentioned students unanimously decided to save their pocket money by cutting down on some expenses, in order to contribute to a selfless cause. Using the money pooled by them, the students bought books, pens and chocolates for all the school children studying at the Government Village in Nandi Village.

Further, these students also painted the school building and gave it a clean look!

These students have not only demonstrated selflessness but have also lit the lamps of Love and Sharing in the hearts of the rural school children!

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