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Annapoorna Receives Social Audit Certification!!

Annapoorna is excited to share that the Social Audit Certification has been conferred upon it from the auditors at the Social Audit Network - SAN INDIA on the June 20, 2018.

Social Audit is a great method for organizations such as Annapoorna to plan, manage, monitor and measure the internal and external impact of its social operations and to ensure that it is indeed making a positive difference in the society while living up to its shared values and objectives.

It is also heartening to note that SAN India has assessed that Annapoorna is operating at a Social Return on Investment (SRoI) score of 1.89!! It implies that for approximately every 1 Rupee invested, 1.89 Rupees of social value is created each year in terms of ensuring that no child goes to school hungry; improved academic performance and attendance and better health for the children and the community at large.

Annapoorna thanks the SAN auditors for providing their detailed inputs, thereby providing valuable lessons as Annapoorna continues with its quest to attain bigger milestones in the areas of rural uplift and transformation.

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