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Oracle Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Event at Nagarbhavi Government School
South Bangalore - Karnataka

With the divine blessings of dearest Swami from March 2017 there were Oracle Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) events in various Annapoorna Breakfast Seva Centres and schools in and around Bangalore on a monthly basis.

During these CSR events they concentrated on children’s hygiene and environment awareness. During previously organised Medical Camps through Annapoorna, they found that children have various health issues because of unhygienic conditions or due to intake of unhygienic food items. Apart from this,  it has been brought to their notice by dental doctors that children do not brush their teeth, leading to tooth decay or cavities.

Considering the aforementioned issues Oracle, employees strive towards making children aware about the Importance of hygiene through various demonstrations, affixing charts and pictorial diagrams during each CSR event. They explain to the children at length, how unhygienic conditions can lead to spread of mosquitoes, and intern can lead to various infectious diseases.

During these events, they make sure to distribute tooth paste and tooth brushes to the children so that they can understand the importance and can begin the habit of brushing their teeth on a daily basis.

Apart from hygiene awareness, they do tree plantations in the schools which will help towards environmental protection. 

As part of CSR, they also extend support in arranging various fun filled events with the children such as drawing competitions and puppet and magic shows which really help children to learn various important things through entertainment and fun. 

During the January 2018 CSR event they organised a Sports Day for the students and sponsored various sports items for the kids.

With the abundant grace of Swami, they are planning to have monthly Oracle CSR events for the Annapoorna Breakfast Seva children wherein they receive the overall benefit of health and hygiene and can work towards environmental protection.

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