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Timely Medical Intervention for a Child

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The Annapoorna volunteers who serve breakfast daily to the Ragigudda slums in JP Nagar in Bangalore, provided immediate medical attention to a tiny tot to prevent further complications from developing.

The volunteers noticed that a two year old child suffered from intense chest infection, probably due to poor hygienic and wet conditions in the slums. They also noticed that the parents were in a very poor condition, unable to afford even basic treatment.

The volunteers immediately stepped forward and took the child with the family to a hospital. The doctors initially provided critical care treatment to quickly arrest the infection. Within a couple of days, the child’s health showed strong progress and the doctors suggested that the child be discharged. However, the volunteers took extra precaution, keeping in mind the unhygienic conditions in the slums and suggested that the child remain in the hospital until total recovery. The entire recovery took a week.

The volunteers bore the entire cost including hospital charges, medicines, food for the family and so on. Further, the volunteers helped the family with good quality beds and blankets to ensure that the child is well protected from climatic vagaries in the near future.

It is commendable to note that the Annapoorna volunteers took the entire care of the child and the family as their very own!

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