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Selfless In Spite of Being Needy

Annapoorna serves breakfast to the needy school children of the Government School in Hoshiarpur in Sector 51 of Noida.

What is heartening about these children is that although they are from a financially poor background, they do not lack in the qualities of sharing and selflessness!

During an interactive session with the school children, the Annapoorna volunteers and school teachers were pleasantly surprised to note how the children had planned to serve the society in various ways when they grow up to be adults.

Most of the children had selfless reasons to choose a certain profession or qualification that they showed interest towards. In addition, other accounts of selflessness displayed by various children in their daily life were shared in the class, thereby encouraging them and praising them for their selfless attitude.

The volunteers and teachers encouraged the children to continue their selfless acts of helping and sharing!

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