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Shramik Train (Chennai – Tripura)

May 28, 2020: 500 kits for Migrant Travelers in Shramik train

Annapoorna team quickly collaborated with Tata Steel Foundation in Jamshedpur and Danirasa Foundation in Chennai to provide train travel food kits for about 500 travelers, in a matter of a few hours.

On May 27, 2020, Annapoorna team in Jamshedpur, received a call from Tata Steel Foundation in Jamshedpur to help stranded migrant workers returning to Tripura by a Shramik special train at Chennai.


Team Annapoorna at Jamshedpur immediately got in touch with Mr. Clement, Convenor of Manipur Response Team COVID-19 to get more details about the requirements. Mr. Clement is spearheading the monitoring and ensuring that the NE migrant workers travel back to their respective NE states safely.


With his guidance the team quickly froze the items to be given. The team further contacted Danirasa Foundation, who regularly collaborate with Annapoorna in Chennai for various relief activities, to mobilise 500 kits comprising of 2-litre water bottles, a couple of biscuit packets and a bottle of juice. Each passenger was given the kit as they entered the platform and were bid farewell wishing safe journey.


Earnest thanks to Danirasa Foundation team for taking up the challenge and delivering at such short notice!

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