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Sri Sathya Sai Aarogya Vahini

Multi-Speciality Mobile Hospital Service for Rural India - Amid COVID-19 Controls

During the festive month of the auspicious Durga Puja, traversing in different districts of West Bengal, Love-on-Wheels offered 831 On-Ground Consultations for rural patients with medicinal support amid COVID-19 Controls! 209 rural geriatrics beneficiaries were supported. Nutritional supplements were extended to 40 needy families.

113 rural school children were supported with a malt-based protein supplement - Sai Sure, with milk packs.

Chronic diabetic rural patients were monitored through Telemedicine with the support of trained Community Health Workers!

As always, all services were rendered completely free of cost with love and kind support.


On November 5, 2020, the following services were rendered at four destinations:


On-Ground Consultations: 173

Paediatric Consultations: 27

Telemedicine: 60

Sai Sure Nutrition: 213

Reaching the third and fourth destinations of the month in the districts of North 24 Parganas and Nadia of West Bengal in two consecutive days, Dr. V. K. Pandey, Dr. Kakoli Mazumdar, Dr. Gaekwad and Dr. Nazrin spearheaded the Aarogya Vahini Medical Team to offer both formats of consultations, namely On-Ground and Tele-Health Support.

While 111 adults were offered consultations on-ground along with pathological evaluations in basic profiles and renal function tests, 38 patients were supported through Telemedicine.

27 children went through general, ophthalmic and dental screening along with screening for cardiac anomalies with a cardiac stethoscope under the Divine Child Programme. Nutritional support in the form of Sai Sure continued for these children.


On November 6, 2020, the following services were rendered at six destinations

On-Ground Consultations: 271

Paediatric Consultations: 57

Telemedicine: 78

Sai Sure Nutrition: 273


The team split into two, to set up camps at two destinations on the same day. They needed to meet the high requirements in these current times, in the district of Howrah West Bengal.


98 on-ground consultations were offered for adults at two locations while 30 children went through complete screening for general, cardiac, ophthalmic and dental screening under the Divine Child Programme. Protein supplement Sai Sure was distributed to 60 children after their BMI (body-mass index) evaluation.


18 chronic patients needing follow-up and medicines continued to be addressed through Telemedicine.

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