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Regular breakfast Seva is being conducted for nearly 50+ underprivileged kids from the Raggigudda slum. This Seva started in July 2014 and is still going on. Unlike the other breakfast Seva which happens in schools, JP Nagar breakfast Seva happens in a Park and it is indeed one of the most challenging Seva projects as the discipline level is very low. But now, with the whole-hearted efforts of the volunteers, there is definitely some amount of transformation in the Kids.


Sports - A unique way of bonding with kids:


Kids just loved it. They were eagerly waiting and just started playing the games of their choice – volleyball, kho-kho, Kabaddi and such. The youth volunteers also equally participated and they became one among the kids.


Number of Kids – more than 60

Classification – mainly three groups


Group A – toddlers and very small kids under the age group of five played: Passing the Ball/Group Skipping/Musical Chair/Circle games


Group B - kids from the age group of six to ten played Skipping/Discus Throw/Rings Throw/Badminton


Group C - kids above the age group of ten played Badminton/Volley Ball/T Ball/ Kho-Kho/Kabbadi


There were nearly 20 young dynamic youth to control the event.

“By the time they finished the event – Every kid had only one question “When is the next sports day?”




  • More Heart to Heart relationship with the kids

  • Attendance almost doubled from very next day

  • Could see even the tiny tots enjoying their set of games

  • More of value driven approach

  • Total fun/Zero tensions

  • Volunteers also enjoyed

  • Involvement by volunteers from Oracle/Service minded people

  • Hardly any cost involved (only juice/biscuits served to kids)




  • Finding unique games for each of the age groups

  • Keeping kids engaged without getting bored

  • Making sure that no fights happened among the kids

  • Helping them understand the value of the game being played.




  • Hygiene Awareness & Kit Distributions

  • Tree Planting

  • Yoga Sessions for Kids

  • Swachatha - Park Cleaning with kids

  • Medical Camps

  • Eye Checkup and Providing Glasses for Chosen Kids

  • Educational Support for Needy Kids

  • Medicine Support for Needy Kids

  • Monthly Celebration of the Kids Birthdays


On Saturday July 22, 2017 the youth conducted a hygiene session in CV Raman Nagar Breakfast Seva Centre, in collaboration with the Oracle team.


Ten people from Oracle visited the Breakfast Seva Centre and gave awareness on health and hygiene questions. They gave a class to the kids on the importance of brushing their teeth and washing their hands. At the end of the session toothpastes, toothbrushes and juice tetra packs were distributed to the kids.


It had been a wonderful experience for most of the Oracle volunteers as they got an opportunity to witness the breakfast Seva being held by the team of Annapoorna volunteers. They were also happy for the opportunity they got to bring in some awareness in the tiny tots on health and hygiene.


It is such difficult work to counsel a mother whose child is about to undergo a critical surgery and such a bliss when you are able to embrace the child and return her to her mother with a New Life!!


Thishtita Mondal, a student of Upper KG of Amodi Shishu Bhavan, aged five is about to undergo a free cardiac surgery. She is a beneficiary of the Daily Breakfast Seva. She was identified from her school during breakfast Seva and upon consultation, by the Cardiac Speciality Clinic at Sri Sathya Sai Amrutham Salt Lake, was short-listed for a free cardiac surgery. Her father is a day labourer in construction work and her mother is a house wife who prays to get back her child healthy and HEARTY ❤. The team was so thankful to their beloved Lord Sri Sathya Sai Baba, for being able to be instruments in this wonderful service, as the Lord had chosen these few volunteers to work on the finance and other activities related to her surgery.

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