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Sri Sathya Sai Aarogya Vahini

Covid 19 Relief Support

Sustained Support for Chronic Rural Patients with Hypertension and Diabetes:

An initiative is ensuring sustained, monthly medicinal support for the diagnosed rural, chronic hypertensive and diabetic patients. It is reaching the end beneficiary with much measured, calculated and coordinated efforts of Doctors, Care Givers, Community Health Workers and Volunteers who, at each step, are maintaining social distancing at this crucial hour of crisis - from packing the required monthly medicines at Sri Sathya Sai Amrutham in Kolkata to logistics and finally, the delivery through Community Health Workers and their team, with single individuals going to respective villages.

The Aarogya Vahini team offers support in controlling and monitoring health parameters of such rural, chronic NCD (non-communicable disease) patients in 20 nodal points creating access for 100 villages to reduce and minimize possibilities of adverse effects from these conditions and in turn, the burden of Tertiary Health Support. At this hour, the team’s effort is to continue support for such patients amidst minimal access for medicines and restricted movement.

The team is addressing almost 2,000 such rural chronic patients! 


Ensuring Medicines for Two Months for End Beneficiaries Suffering with Chronic NCDs at Rural Sites:

Rural youths are being trained in capacity building and are playing pivotal roles in end point patient care.

Amidst the most vulnerable environments of insecure, uncertain times, a healthy perspective to look at, has been the fruition of capacity building during Primary Screening throughout the year for Community Health Workers. Rural youths are being trained and groomed in skills of providing Community Health and are also given an opportunity for employment by the Trust. They are playing pivotal roles in end point delivery of medicines for chronic patients with not only the knowledge and understanding of Medicine Compositions and prescriptions but also the art of organising and handling groups of rural beneficiaries, counselling them in maintaining social distancing and at the same time executing the needful act.

The importance of value based, compassionate healthcare in rural communities reflects today with their behavioural change in their approach to situations. As one single family understands another’s need and most importantly feels responsible for the other, it promotes the Prime Mission of Aarogya Vahini - Societal Transformation through Compassionate Healthcare!


24 hours Tele-Medicine:

The initiative is taking form to spread Love beyond boundaries and in transcending barriers of distance. Doctors were selflessly guided and counselled patients in the field of General Medicine, ENT, Orthopedics, Urology and Ophthalmology.

So far nearly 20 critical patients have been guided online! 


Supply of Groceries for Identified Households:

The Love on Wheels is on its journey to various mapped destinations to delivery these grocery kits of packed Rice, Dal, Atta (flour), Oil, Sugar and most importantly Love. During the month of April the team offered groceries in adjacent areas of Kolkata, West Bengal.

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