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Region 1 Pre-Youth Meet


The Pre-youth meet was held from the March 31 to April 1, 2018, at Puri Lumbung Cottage, Munduk Sinagraj, Bali. The beautiful landscape captivated the hearts as the youths from Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, and Indonesia stepped foot in Puri Lumbung, Lumbuk. Puri Lumbung is located in the heart of Lumbuk Village in Singaraja Region. The area is surrounded by mountain ranges and rice paddies, making it seem as if we were in a separate paradise from other parts of the world. The programme started with a devotional singing session as the Pre-Youth Meet was launched.

The programme continued with service presentations where each country presented service activities in their area and elaborated the plan for the next four months. 

The next morning the youth assembled early to conduct service activities in a nearby village. The frosty weather did not wane their spirits. The youth explored the scenic hills of Lumbuk and found the Lumbuk water fall. During the trip the youth conducted Seva activities for the local people. The local village had been washed away in floods and landslides. Children had lost their parents and amenities such as toilets and bathrooms had been washed away as well.

The youth handed out food such as rice, sugar, coffee and cooking oil to the villagers. A separate team was also assigned to provide Annapoorna Seva for children in the local elementary school. We closed the programme with Bhajans and Satsang. The youths reflected on the Seva activity and collaborated on upcoming Seva activities. It was planned to conduct regular youth meets to provide service for the local villagers.

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