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Pooja Sai Medical Camp

Bali, Indonesia

On September 03, 2017 a medical camp was conducted at the Pooja Sai Ashram in conjunction with the recently launched Divine Mother and Child Health programme, team of doctors and nurses joined the programme together with youth from Pooja Sai. The medical team consists of general practitioners, nurses and pharmacist. Non-medical volunteers from the youth assisted in guiding patients throughout the programme, registration, and snack provision.

The medical camp was conducted at the Pooja Sai Ashram, Bali Indonesia. Patients came from the nearby area. During the programme around 60 patients were treated. Patients were first registered with their name, address, and other important data. They were then measured for their height weight, blood pressure, and temperature. Afterwards patients were examined by general practitioners. Medicines were dispensed to the children free of charge by the pharmacist on site.


As much as 20 children participated in the programme, Children were specifically screened for diseases and developmental delays with special guidelines from the Divine mother and Child health programme, The data provided by the screening programme were uploaded to an international register. After medical examination, children were provided with healthy snacks.


At the end of the programme, youth from Pooja Sai felt a great connection with the patients especially the children. They felt joyful in helping patients during the programme, even a simple act of measuring a child’s height made them feel they were participating in improving a child’s quality of life.

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