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Bal Vikas Programme in Bali

The youth from Pooja Sai Ashram have been given the opportunity to hold Bal Vikas programme in Bali. It is a weekly programme where children from the Ashram are all involved. The programme starts with morning prayers and continues with Bhajans sung together by the Bal Vikas children and youth. Children are then taught how to read Mantras, by their teacher Sri Empu Ganesh. Despite initial difficulties, the children have enjoyed these sessions and were amazed on how intricate Mantras can be. They started reading slowly but eventually, after four sessions they have become more proficient.

The youth also hold an English session where they teach English while playing games. Children are taught basic grammar and vocabulary. Each game is guided by one youth, where children play games such as matching pictures with vocabularies. The session closes with Arati followed by lunch.


A special programme dedicated for the Independance of Indonesia

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