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Balinese Ceremonial Seva

Ceremonies are an integral part of the Balinese people. Most of our daily routines are in some way related to a ceremony. It has been a way of life for Balinese people since the very beginning. Upon coming of age, a Balinese boy or girl must step into several ceremonies as a rite of passage into adulthood. These ceremonies are called Manusiayadnya which includes Mepetik, MenekKelih, and Metatah. Upon death ceremonies are also conducted. This ceremony is called Atma Wedana, a ceremony conducted to ease the passage of the dead to after life.

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Pooja Sai Ashram in conjunction with Griya Sasih conducted a mass Atma wedana, Mepetik, MenekKelih, and Metatah ceremony. The event was aimed for all people who would need to proceed with the ceremonies themselves, free of charge. The mass ceremony was held on Pooja Sai Ashram tents, chairs and decorations were built to occupy the 30 families and guest joining the whole ceremony. The whole ceremony lasted for four days with the main event on November 02, 2018. The ceremony started with an Agni horta the day before the main event. The next day, 30 families were gathered in the early morning to conduct the Mepetik, Menek Kelih and Metatah ceremony, these ceremony signify the passage from childhood to adolescents and adolescents to adulthood. In the afternoon, Atma Wedana ceremony was conducted. Two families joined the ceremony. Overall the ceremony was successful, all families were happy to have their son or daughter finish with their ceremony. Families who joined for the Atma Wedanawere also pleased to have eased their beloved ones’ journey to the after life.

The entire event was closed with a holy pilgrimage to several temples in Bali. This was the final part of the ceremony which was meant to convey our gratitude for the opportunity to conduct this event and pray for the well being of all creatures.

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