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Pooja Sai Ashram School Holiday Program

December in Bali marks the start of school holiday for most students. Here in Pooja Sai Ashram, the youth coordinated a school holiday programme for the Balvikas students and children surrounding the Ashram on December 15-16, 2018. The programme started with Rudram prayers by the Balvikas students, who chanted beautifully throughout the session. Bhajans were performed afterwards where Balvikas students and youth sang beautifully. Finally a fire camp was held just outside the Ashram. Everyone was very excited to share their stories and have fun for the night.

The next day, the Balvikas students and youth joined for Suprabhatam, Nagarsankirtanam, yoga and a cooking class. The Balvikas students and youth prepared their favourite nasi goreng (fried rice) in the cooking class. All the children were very excited, especially for the yoga programme since it was the first time they were introduced to yoga. The programme ended with lunch and Arati!

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