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Pooja Sai Ashram Balvikas

Last February, the youths of Pooja Sai Ashram resumed bi weekly Balvikas program. This program aims to teach human values and English lessons to children in the neighbouring primary school. This program is conducted in  Ashram which involves children coming from the vicinity. In the program, the class begins with children singing Bhajans and prayers lead by the youths. Thereafter, children are taught about human value lessons. The next program is the Rudram class. Here, children are taught basic Rudram chantinga. To utmost surprise, most of balvikas students enjoy this program and have become very fluent in Rudram for their age. The Balvikas ends with the English language classes which consists of English lessons taught through games and challenges. In a nutshell, the children enjoy themselves as this program not only teaches those new skills but also bring their courage up spiritually. 

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