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Pooja Sai Ashram Blood Donation

On May 19, 2019 the youth and elders from Pooja Sai Ashram gathered together to prepare for their routine blood donation activity which has been in place in the Ashram for many years. The need for blood transfusion in Bali keeps increasing and supplies tend to decrease over time; that is why the event was held to help resupply the need for blood transfusions. The donation was held inside the Ashram where preparations were made the day before to ensure everything was in place. The event was held in conjunction with the local Red Cross team. As many as 25 blood bags were collected from the event. People from outside the Ashram also came to donate blood. It was a wonderful event to bring everyone together, to be able to contribute positively to save someone’s life! Lunch was served to all participants after the session was concluded.

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