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Balvikas Classes in Indonesia

On June 25, 2017, youth from Sai Pooja Ashram in Indonesia continued Balvikas classes. This was a routine monthly activity where Balvikas students were gathered around the ashram. The Balvikas students were taught human values and English. The class commenced with a Bhajan session, where every student had to present a song. After Bhajans, there was meditation where Balvikas students were asked to sit silently and try their best to meditate. After meditation, the human values class commenced. In this class Balvikas students were taught values. They were guided on how to respect their parents, help their friends, try their best to help others, and to share. The material was organised in the form of games to help improve the students understanding of the subject and to make it more interesting. After Balvikas, the students joined the English class where they were encouraged to speak English actively. The session concluded with Arathi and lunch for everyone.

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