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Pooja Sai Ashram Seva Summary

January – March, 2019

The Programme from Indonesia for January until March focuses on Bal Vikas education. In January, at the Pooja Sai Ashram, the youth coordinated a school holiday programme for the Bal Vikas students and the children in the surrounding areas near the Ashram. The programme started with Rudram prayers by the Bal Vikas children, they recited beautifully throughout the sessions. Bhajans were performed afterwards where the Bal Vikas children and youth also sung beautifully. Finally, a fire camp was held just outside the Ashram. Everyone was very excited to share their stories and have fun for the night!


In February and March their programme continued bi-weekly with Bal Vikas education which focused on human values, Rudram and English Lessons. Children from around the Ashram would gather in the morning and start the session with Bhajans. Afterwards, the youth arranged classes for all the children. Most of the time, the children were excited about the lessons which were compiled in a fashion that the learning could be done mostly by playing games. In the end, the youth hope that the children will take one or two lessons that have been taught and apply them in their daily lives!

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