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European Youth Meet July 2018

Friday July 6 - Sunday July 8, 2018

Day One Homecoming


On Friday afternoon, youth from across Europe arrived in Rome for the European Youth Meeting at Casa del Divino, the Centre for Human Excellence located in the sacred town of Assisi.


Greeted by the Italian youth, they drove from the busy city directly to the heart of Italy, past fields of sunflowers and wheat. After a quick stop off at their hostel, they were joined by Sister Giovanna Negretto Cambiaso who accompanied them to the Ashram and would prove to be an invaluable ‘spiritual tour guide’ on their pilgrimage.

They had youth from eight nations in Europe and joining them from across the Atlantic were Murali Vullaganti and David Moxam who had travelled from California and Texas.

They were welcomed at the Ashram by Mr Ampellio Veleda and the Service Team who took care of them as family, for the duration of their visit. The entire group, including the service team, numbered 38. Following Bhajans, the Italian Youth Coordinator, Salvatore Iozzia introduced Mr Ampellio who extended his welcome to the youth and narrated the story of the founding of the Ashram by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.


The European Youth Coordinator, Jai Mexis reiterated this welcome and expressed the wish that the youth be inspired by the principle of surrender demonstrated by St. Francis. At the recent Youth Meet and Ashram Inauguration in the spring of 2018, Bhagawan had instructed Mr Ampellio to feed the youth well; so a nourishing dinner followed. A service schedule had been drawn up by Silvia Veleda who ensured that all the youth had an opportunity to serve in the Ashram in different ways during the following days. The evening closed with Bhajans and Arati, before the youth returned to the hostel.

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