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National Youth Meet

October 21-22, 2017


Young people living in Rome, had the opportunity to participate in the organisation of the National Youth Meet event and in all related activities. In Rome, some members of the youth provided hospitality to young people coming from other cities and some other members put their cars at their disposal, in order to spend more time together, such as during breakfast and also during short transfers from one place to another. In this way, everybody had the chance to be together, not only for the event, but all day long as well.

It was a full immersion in Love. The event took place in Swami's Ashram in Rome, called "Casa del Divino" (House of the Divine). During the first day, we had the pleasure to participate at the launch of the project "Growing to be God" (an educational project based on Human Values to help the growth of children). There we met Mr. Rajasingam and his daughter, Saima, and both of them, lovingly and sweetly, encouraged us to take part in this wonderful task. Parents, children and people of all ages took part at the meeting. Afterwards, many young people expressed their wish to start the project, because they were sure it was a new opportunity to grow for all, not just for the children.


At the end of the inauguration, only youth remained in the company of Mr. Rajasingam and Saima at the "Casa del Divino". Youth enjoyed a wonderful Satsang about the different Seva activities in Rome and in Italy. For the first time, youth experienced the beauty of the Taizè songs. They were also able to express questions about utility in the project, how to participate in the best way, how to start and so on.


Then a wonderful dinner was offered to the youth. During this moment all shared time and space with beloved friends that the youth only meet on these occasions, because everyone lives in different cities.


The second day the youth met outside the Ashram and went to the historic centre of Rome (such as a train made by many cars) to walk.  Here youth visited some churches which one of the youth, Salvatore, knew about. He explained the spiritual activities and the life in those churches, and their songs. In one of these churches Taizè songs were sung, such as the song youth sang the day before in the "Casa del Divino". Then youth visited the statue of Giordano Bruno, a great being of Truth, Courage and Love.


The youth came back to the "Casa del Divino" to share a lunch and a final Satsang. Youth closed the meeting divinely, just before driving youth brothers, who had to go back to their cities, to the airport or to the different train stations. The youth will see them again very soon in India.


Thanks to Swami, who increased the number of the local, National, European and International meetings. Moreover, we thank Him, who provides tasks to perform, so to involve youth in His wonderful "actions for change".

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